Oh, Timbaland; you’re killing them

October 10, 2007

timbaland_what250.jpgIt has been a long road to the throne for hit-maker Timothy ‘Timbaland’ Mosley. However, his partnership with ‘whiteboy-got-skillz’ Justin Timberlake has woken up the sleeping giant.

His latest solo release ‘Shock Value’ is seriously futuristic, which is what set Timbo apart from most producers in the 90’s anyway. His unique double based beat, we could argue that it gave birth to what is now drum ‘n bass, but the techno enthusiasts will deny this!

According to wikipedia, Timbaland got the name from former Jodeci producer Devante Swing, when Mosley was signed to the now defunct Swing Mob together with long-time friend Missy Elliot. It is said that it was Elliot who introduced the Swing and Mosley and such was the former Jodeci hitmaker’s awe for Timbo that he employed as his right-hand man!

timbaland_promiscuous250.jpgHowever, when the Swing Mob went under, Elliot and Mosley continued to do music together and they soon produced hits together for anotehr former Swing Mob member Ginuwine. Soon they the two friends were employed to handle Aaliyah’s – who under controversial circumstances separated from R Kelly – album One In A Million.

What followed were a number of hits for groups such as SWV, Total, Jay Z, Missy Elliot to name just a few. He also did an album with friend Magoo, which was not as well-received worldwide as it was in the USA.

Back to Shock Value however, Timbaland collaborates with a range of artists such as the legendary Elton John, rock groups She Wants Revenge, The Hives, One Republic, Fall Out Boy, Missy Elliott, Timberlake; even Dr Dre makes an appearance.

Just in case you were wondering where this cat came from?


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