Redman review

October 6, 2007


Redman – Red Gone Wild

90’s hip-hop star Reggie Noble from popular rap group Def Squad – of the same era – is back as his alter-ego ‘Redman’ with a new solo album called “Red Gone Wild – Thee Album.”

This is his sixth solo release under major label Def Jam Island after his debut Whut? Thee Album followed by Dare Iz a Darkside, Muddy Waters, Doc’s da Name 2000 and Malpractice; although he released “El Nino” with Def Squad and “Blackout” with label-mate and long-time friend Methodman of the legendary Wu Tang Clan in between.

“Red Gone Wild” has an awesome album sleeve, which features a mad-looking cartoon character – probably posing as Redman – ‘going wild’ and demolishing everything in his way, which sets the tone for the album’s theme – other artists tend to just print pictures of themselves their sleeves – but not Redman.

On the opening track “Fire” Red aka ‘Tha Funk Doctor’ welcomes the listener to “the Red Gone Wild show” followed by a tight lyrical verse to get things going.

He could not resist having hot producer Timothy ‘Timbaland’ Mosley on production just to stay current, Timbaland supplied the music to “Put It Down” which is very chaotic typical of Redman fashion.

A Redman album is not complete without Def Squad members Erick Sermon and Keith Murray making an appearance, they feature on a lyrically well-synchronised track called “Walk In Gutta” with another hip-hop legend Biz Markie who laces the his vocals on the chorus.

‘The Funk Doc’ also reunites with Methodman on “Blow Treez”, obviously talking about their favourite subject, ‘smoking and women’ – also featuring is Ready Roc.

“…even Rick James had to sing about her (Mary Jane)” is what Redman says on “Mary Jane” featuring West Coast duo Snoop Dogg and Nate Dogg, which typically samples the Los Angeles bounce.

Funny and quirky Redman has gone ever so Wild on this record!

Rating: 3


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