Amerie review

October 6, 2007


Amerie – Because I Love It 

Amerie has taken Pop music to another dimension with her new album “Because I Love It”.

This record’s sound is beyond the bootie-shaking methods and controversial song titles used by other artists to get attention from the market.

A harsh reality however is that the industry has been clouded by certain elements that have swallowed music and fans have been reduced to hype indulging individuals.

Out pops – excuse the pun –  Amerie pronounced ‘Eimeri’ who got her big break when she landed her voice to LL Cool J’s song called “Paradise”.

Born to an African-American father and Korean mother, this songstress displays an impressive amount of creative maturity by not only co-writing and arranging all songs in this her third studio record, but also tackles the subject of ‘Love’ with a lot of sensuality.

With songs like “Paint Me Over” she sample’s Willie Hutch’s “Mother’s Theme (Mama)” and produces an expressive title to explain her position as a young woman coming off age in a relationship that is also coming off age.

The infamous ghostwriting team “The Clutch” – who are behind tracks such as “Take Me As I am” by Mary J Blige – land their creative hand on the explosive “Hate To Love You” which sample’s Kool and the Gang’s “Give It Up”.

“Take Control” and “Gotta Work” are other upbeat tracks that should rock the airwaves while “Crush” and “Crazy Wonderful” twist the 1980’s sound.

Rating 3


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